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When you buy QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2018 from Scott, you get:

  • 20% LIFETIME Discount on your QuickBooks Enterprise Subscription
  • UNLIMITED access to Scott’s QuickBooks training videos (a $750 value)
  • Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2019 with subscription renewal
  • Free technical support for 12 months direct from the Enterprise support team (or contact Scott for consulting services)
  • Buy QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2018 from Scott and you’ll get free training video bonus plus the same software, pricing and support package that Intuit offers.
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Why Buy from Scott vs. Intuit Direct?

Wondering whether to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2018 from Scott Gregory or buy directly from Intuit? Here are some compelling reasons to take your business to Scott, a nationally recognized QuickBooks consultant and leading reseller. He gives you the facts about QuickBooks, outfits your business with the best solution, and is there to provide the training and/or support you need to keep the software running smart for your business.

  • Support an independent. Scott Gregory is the president of Bottom Line Accounting Solutions. Like you, he’s a business owner who works hard to serve his clients.
  • Get the truth. Scott provides unbiased feedback and strategic insight when consulting with clients about the best solutions for their organizations. He’s not pushing a sale, he’s supporting your business.
  • Trust his experience. Scott has more than 18 years of experience with QuickBooks and involvement in 250-plus installations. He provides hands-on knowledge you can’t get from a sales department within a large software firm.
  • Back an advocate. Scott’s business is a go-to resource for QuickBooks information and research. Buying the software from Scott supports this ongoing educational research.
  • Get more. Buy QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2018 from Scott, and you’ll get his bonus training videos plus the same software, pricing, and updates that Intuit offers. Scott is your ongoing resource who is easy to work with. When you buy from Scott directly, you’re working with a “real person” who understands your business and can consult with you one-to-one to ensure you’re maximizing the features of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop.
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What clients are saying…

“Thanks for everything! Your tutorials, guides and service have been impeccable.”

– Barrett Drye, GI Specialists of Georgia

“Your training has literally revolutionized the way we run things here. Everyone in our entire company — from Customer Service, Purchasing, Marketing, Shipping to Management has benefitted greatly from what you have taught us! I couldn’t recommend your expertise more — I would tell any Quickbooks user that a session with you is mandatory. The ROI is literally 50 fold for our company.”

– Victoria Marquardt, Applied Home Healthcare Equipment